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Liberal Judaism Authentic and Modern

For 120 years Liberal Judaism has ensured that tens of thousands of people have had a home for their Jewish story.

Now we need you to tell your story as an LJ Ambassador in our fundraising campaign.

Together, we can bring Judaism home.

Here at Liberal Judaism we are preparing for our most important fundraiser yet.

We are standing at the edge of our vision to ensure that we are the home for everyone’s Jewish story, but we need you to help us to cross the line. The money raised from this campaign will go directly to ensuring that we nurture and secure the future of Liberal Judaism.

By becoming an Ambassador you become a leader of this movement. As an Ambassador you will not only encourage your friends and family to donate by telling them why Liberal Judaism has been essential to you, you will energise your community to tell their stories and in turn raise their own monies for Liberal Judaism, and help turn the mission of bringing Liberal Judaism home into a reality.

If Liberal Judaism has meant something to you and you want to ensure that the generations that follow have a Judaism that is their home, then become an Ambassador, take a page, share your story and encourage others to do so and help us raise funds within your community and beyond.

The more Ambassadors we have, the louder our voice and the stronger our impact. We will then provide Ambassadors with digital content to share, as well as a link that will directly link your community to your Ambassador fundraising page.

rooted & responsive

The story so far
Liberal Judaism Bringing Judaism Home

For 120 years Liberal Judaism has ensured that tens of thousands of Jewish people continue to have access to, and feel a part of, our shared heritage, rituals and traditions.

We passionately believe in welcoming everyone in – an inclusive and committed Jewish community.

We are proud to have been the Movement that:

  • Built and supported communities where they were needed
  • Were pioneers in all areas of Jewish life
  • Have campained and won on social justice campaigns
  • Have changed the perception of what it means to a religious Jew
  • Have included where others excluded
  • Have committed ourselves to preserving tradition while radically seeking to make Judaism inclusive

But we still have so much more to do.

inclusive & diverse

building for the future
Liberal Judaism Bringing Judaism Home

Liberal Judaism has served its existing membership for 120 years, but the last two, hugely challenging years have seen thousands more turn to Liberal Judaism for a meaningful and inclusive Jewish experience.

This has shown us the existing and growing need for Liberal Judaism. We must continue to improve the experience for our members, but also grow to meet this new need – to throw open our doors an even wider audience who want to access Jewish life.

collaborative & effective

The Campaign
Liberal Judaism Bringing Judaism Home

The campaign will take place across a 36 hour period on 19/20 June 2022. We will be telling the story of Liberal Judaism, but we also need you to tell your Jewish story; to your friends, to your family, to anyone who may be seeking a home for their Jewish story.

Why is Liberal Judaism important to you? What has it done for you? Why is it so important for that work to continue and grow?

You will have your own dedicated page on our campaign website on which to tell your story and direct people towards to donate towards your personal target. This will feed into the main campaign page where we will have our overall target of £500,000 – £250,000 during the campaign matched by a pre-pledged pot of £250,000.

Every pound you raise is matched by our pre-pledged donations from large donors. Data shows that matching donations is a proven catalyst for giving – encouraging both more people to give AND people to give more. This means that the money raised by your Jewish story can go twice as far, building twice the home for the Jewish stories to come.

proud & joyful

What this money could do
Liberal Judaism Bringing Judaism Home

Liberal Judaism needs to nurture and sustain our future. Our vision is to ensure that we are the home for everyone’s Jewish story; our mission is to bring Judaism home. Your money will help us achieve this.

We are commited to the following five platforms:

Rooted and Responsive

To support, sustain and develop Liberal Jewish ritual and practice throughout the lifecycle

Inclusive and Diverse

To raise up the multiplicity of Liberal Jewish voices

Collaborative and Effective

To nurture and create collaborative communities

Proud and Joyful

To create future generations of proud and confident Liberal Jews

Meaningful and Accessible

To ensure that all those who seek the spiritual possibilities of Judaism have an accessible pathway into learning and community


meaningful & accessible

Liberal Judaism Bringing Judaism Home

Over the next three years Liberal Judaism is committed to cementing its place in the heart of the Jewish community, both as the voice that pushes for inclusivity and diversity and as the voice dedicated to deep learning and tradition.

This campaign will:

  • Create a new online hub for Liberal Judaism – supporting communities and individuals with resources, music, rabbinic teachings and more. This will be created in tandem with a new backend system that will enable Liberal Judaism to centrally identify and track where its resources are needed most
  • Write new curricula – for both chederim and proselytes. Adaptive for communities of any size and updated regularly
  • Fund time for rabbis and others to centrally create resources
  • Create a new social action department to deliver centralised and resourced projects
  • Expand our LJY-Netzer bursary capabilities and inclusion provision. Ensure that every young person can participate in the meaningful and ideological experience of an LJY-Netzer event, regardless of background, situation or health
  • Create Community Connections – Provide seed money for smaller communities to work on projects together that can then benefit other small communities via the new hub
Liberal Judaism Authentic and Modern